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June 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2001.

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It’s very rare for a first novel to be perfect; to have a great story, sparkling writing, interesting, layered characters, a carefully balanced and realized setting, a beautifully modulated pace, and not a single misstep. This first... Read More

Book Review

Mayo Clinic On Healthy Aging

Searching for the fountain of youth? The next best thing is this book, published by the Mayo Clinic, an establishment with over 100 years of medical knowledge, 2,000 physicians, and three locations. Because people are living longer, this... Read More

Book Review

Breaking the Rock

Did they make it? That’s the question everyone asks when first learning of the Great Escape from the maximum-security federal prison of Alcatraz on June 11, 1962. Four men spent months planning and implementing the elaborate... Read More

Book Review

Break Up or Break Through

by Ronald L. Donaghe

This is such a warm-hearted book, it seems almost unnecessary to mention that it is also wise and useful. According to the author, a psychotherapist with sixteen years of couples counseling, the way to maintain a successful relationship... Read More

Book Review

Black Lace

A physical stimulus—a source of discomfort—often helps children with attention deficit disorder to focus their awareness. In this novel, protagonist Eileen feels the same need to reconnect with life through pain or some other sharp... Read More

Book Review

The 9th Man

by Vincent Kovar

There’s a detective, a mysterious client and, of course, a corpse. What starts out as a traditional noir tale of murder and revenge, however, is draped with a swag of lavender, for the hard-boiled investigator, the client, the... Read More

Book Review

Guilty Mind

by Edward Morris

The most artful mystery writers immerse their readers in locale as well as in false leads. Marcuse has staked out the streets and parks around Columbia University as the habitat for her social-worker sleuth, Anita Servi (introduced in... Read More

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