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March 2001

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2001.

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Book Review

Animal Tails

by Michele Mudar

Beginning with a long flexible tail grasping a fruit on its cover, here’s a book where “ends” come first. Originally published in Japan under the title How Animal Tails Work, this vividly illustrated book challenges the reader to... Read More

Book Review

My Best Friend Bear

by Linda Salisbury

The old bear has danced the kookamonga one too many times. Bear’s heady existence as the best friend of a small girl is one that most families will recognize. A child’s best baby, best quilt, or best bear are the ones most likely to... Read More

Book Review

About Amphibians

by Tracy Fitzwater

The Greeks called them “amphibia,” meaning, “living two lives.” Visitors to wetland areas are familiar with frogs, toads, and salamanders, which begin their lives in the water and move to land as adults, and kids have always been... Read More

Book Review

Dream House

by Jo-Ann Graziano

Uncertainty in love threatens the foundation of many dream houses. In her debut short story collection, Bean leaves the back door open allowing a glimpse into the domestic lives of her Midwestern teachers, students, and academics. A... Read More

Book Review

Pleasure Dome

by Maurice Ferguson

A distinctive voice speaks throughout this generous offering of poems. A thousand people could cry out from the streets, but Komunyakaa’s voice would be the one heard. His voice is immediately recognizable due to its subjects and to an... Read More

Book Review

The Midnight Special

by Mark Terry

Like the turning of carefully synchronized gears, like the tinkling orchestrations of an antique music box, Karp’s book makes music. And like one of the minor characters, a street kid named Jitters who has a bizarre neurological... Read More

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