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Books Reviewed by Ronald D. Lankford, Jr.

Book Review

Splendid Failure

Reconstruction remains one of the most contentious topics in American history. For a number of years, historians argued that Reconstruction had been counterproductive and had... Read More

Book Review

Before Motown

Although New York, Chicago, and New Orleans have long been recognized as hotbeds of jazz development, other cities have made important contributions. Before Motown concentrates... Read More

Book Review

Swamp Doctor

To the outsider, war means decisive troop movements, big battles, and death from field injuries. While Surgeon William M. Smith observed all of these, his diary also bears... Read More

Book Review

Easy to Remember

From 1927 to the mid-1960s American popular songs poured from Broadway and Hollywood. Written by the likes of Porter, Hart, and Berlin, these songs were played on the pianos of... Read More

Book Review

The Medicine Line

“The word medicine among Northern Plains tribes applied to objects supposed to have magical influence or mysterious power,” writes LaDow. The medicine line is a 100-mile... Read More

Book Review

Rough Medicine

“If a young doctor wished to see the world and study nature while he saved the money to set up in a private practice, life on a South Seaman could have seemed quite... Read More

Book Review

Coyote At Large

“Coyote’s ubiquitous presence in myth attests to the uncanny resemblance that people have found between the human psyche and Coyote’s character,” writes Peiffer. The... Read More

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