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September 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 1998.

Book Review

The Farming of Bones

by Lisa I. S. Archibald

Amabelle Desir belongs to herself, or so she responds to the wealthy Spanish family that adopts her shortly after she watches her parents drown. Such is Amabelle’s measured tone in the face of disaster. As the narrator of Edwidge... Read More

Book Review

Romantic Weekends The authors, Patricia and Robert Foulke, married nearly a half-century, admit their idea of romance might be completely different from someone else’s, but insist this book, which is another one in a series of... Read More

Book Review

The Gardens of Light

by Jennifer Sperry

In his fifth highly acclaimed novel, The Gardens of Light, Amin Maalouf graces his readers with beauty and mysticism. Winner of the 1993 Prix Goncourt for his novel The Rock of Tanios, Maalouf is known for taking a historical figure of... Read More

Book Review

Mismanaged Care

by Rebecca Maksel

A practicing Internist, with a sub-specialty in rheumatology, Makover chronicles the rise of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), beginning with non-profits Kaiser-Permanente and Health Insurance Plan in the 1940s, through the HMO... Read More

Book Review

Lost and Old Rivers

by Jodee Taylor

This collection of short stories, including a long, somewhat autobiographical piece, is a book filled with short snatches of fairly ordinary lives. These stories describe moments in the lives of various men and women. There are no real... Read More

Book Review

The Promised Land

by Mardi Link

In catalog copy author Larry Watson (Montana 1948) calls "The Promised Land" “an important contribution to the tradition of immigrant literature,” which is certainly true, though Veltfort has gone beyond following tradition here and... Read More

Book Review

Sky Castle

by Sophia Tarila

Positive and encouraging, this is the first book by author and child protection social worker Hanken. She wrote this winsome poem to encourage children to believe in themselves and in the power of their dreams. Handsome pictures... Read More

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