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September 1998

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 1998.

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Book Review

A Calendar of Festivals

by Martha Topol

Eight festivals are featured in this colorful, attractively designed book. Arranged chronologically by calendar year, the book starts with Purim, a Jewish Holiday in March, and ends with a Russian New Year’s story. Each holiday is... Read More

Book Review


by Mark Terry

Dataman has a great premise: Take a computer geek, a guy running his own computerized information-gathering company, and have him work with the cops. The cops, of course, have people who do this sort of thing, too, but they’re... Read More

Book Review

Tales From The River Brahmaputra

by Michele McDonald

The River Brahamaputra runs from the Himalayas in Tibet, through India, and on through Bangladesh, winding its way through numerous languages, cultures, and three great religions: Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. The armchair traveler will... Read More

Book Review

Like it Is

by Sally Ketchum

In a comprehensive small book, physician Lieberman and public health expert Troccoli not only cover most of the sexual practices and mores of contemporary teens, but they also give much space, proportionately, to the critical subjects of... Read More

Book Review

Indian Singing

by Gabrielle Shaw

In this collection of poems, Gail Tremblay startles us with her accuracy. Her voice strikes home again and again, as she addresses the malaise that accompanies the dominant culture, which appears to be “victorious” yet lost. She... Read More

Book Review

First Fish--First People

by Karen Wyckoff

Haunting with its timeless air of tradition and culture, First Fish—First People dually pays homage to and mourns the passing of an archetypal icon—the salmon of the Pacific North Rim. Forging the first stage of amulti-faceted,... Read More

Book Review

The Herb Tea Book

by H. Shaw Cauchy

According to Chinese legend, a tea leaf drifted into the cup of Emperor Shen Nong five thousand years ago and the international beverage was born. Several millennium later, those same Chinese began to add herbal ingredients to the... Read More

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