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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

Robert C. Cottrell and Blaine T. Browne’s book is a reminder that the year 1968 saw the United States on the brink of a revolution, one that was virtually apocalyptic in scope. Race riots led to torched American cities, and outrage and... Read More

Book Review

From Furs to Farms

by Scott Neuffer

John Reda’s relatively succinct and pointed history of the white settlement of the Mississippi Valley challenges the oversimplified and convenient notion of Manifest Destiny. Before the American Revolution, before the crowded and... Read More

Book Review

Tales of the Metric System

by Jeff Fleischer

This masterfully written book is a thoroughly engaging look at a society in transition. With "Tales of the Metric System", Imraan Coovadia uses an innovative structure and masterful writing to craft a portrait of life in South Africa... Read More

Book Review

George Washington Carver

by Matt Sutherland

The extraordinary life of this brilliant botanist attains its only-in-America moniker not only because George Washington Carver was born into slavery and subject to the vile-level racism of the Jim Crow era, but because of his Andy... Read More

Book Review

The Mullan Road

by Lee Polevoi

This is a meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated biography of a key player in the settlement of the Pacific Northwest. In the annals of American frontier exploration, John Mullan (1830-1909), is a largely forgotten figure.... Read More

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