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Book Review

The Modern Table

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Written with hosting in mind and laden with intoxicating dishes, Kim Kushner’s "The Modern Table" is a lovely and inspiring cookbook. Kushner’s repertoire is one of scrumptious, fresh, seasonal, and beautiful dishes that also happen... Read More

Book Review

Taste Tibet

by Meg Nola

Julie Kleeman and Yeshi Jampa’s enticing cookbook "Taste Tibet" is a labor of love for the couple, who own a popular restaurant in England by the same name. Its recipes include traditional and adapted dishes, gathered to put “Tibet... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

In his compelling interpretive biography "Robespierre", Marcel Gauchet reveals his subject as a complex man who was both an advocate for democracy, and a murderous tyrant with the potential to destroy democracy. Gauchet traces... Read More

Book Review

Breaking Ground

by Jeremiah Rood

"Breaking Ground" is a masterful essay collection that wrings meaning out of a pandemic year. Moving from the summer of 2020 to the spring of 2021, these essays trace the changing face of the Covid-19 pandemic, from lockdowns to Black... Read More

Book Review

Explorers of Deep Time

by Rebecca Foster

“Paleontology is one of the most familiar and accessible of all sciences,” Roy Plotnick proclaims. Why? Dinosaurs, of course. Drawn in as children, a lucky few get the chance to make a career out of serendipitous fossil discoveries.... Read More

Book Review


by Eric Patterson

“The best food is always the simplest,” writes Chef Ollie Dabbous in his new cookbook, Essential. Dabbous–a Michelin starred chef with an impeccable résumé—contends that the simplest food is also the most sophisticated and aims... Read More

Book Review

Ashia's Table

by Meg Nola

Ashia Ismail-Singer’s vibrant cookbook shares Indian recipes that are influenced and intensified by family and regional tastes. Part of Ismail-Singer’s singular cultural history, these dishes evince an adventurous spirit. Her Indian... Read More

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