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Book Review

Philip Roth

by Kristine Morris

Ira Nadel’s Philip Roth: A Counterlife is an intense and illuminating study of the life, times, and work of the Jewish man from Newark who became one of America’s most original and provocative writers. Nadel brings meticulous... Read More

Book Review

The Seagull

by George Hajjar

In Anton Korenev’s layered translation of "The Seagull", lovestruck elites banter against a struggling landscape that evinces beauty and elicits criticism of Russian art and politics. Anton Korenev’s refreshing translation of Anton... Read More

Book Review

Into the Carpathians

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Into the Carpathians" depicts a journey so breathtaking that it will make even those who dislike the outdoors want to pack a bag and see Sparks’s marvels for themselves. Alan E. Sparks recounts a transformative hiking expedition in... Read More

Book Review

Spoils of the Dead

by Angela McQuay

Dana Stabenow’s fifth book in the Liam Campbell series, "Spoils of the Dead", involves secrets from the past—and an inexplicable murder in the present. Liam hasn’t even formally started his new job as an Alaska state trooper when... Read More

Book Review

White Freedom

by Tanisha Rule

With its thorough inquiries into world history, Tyler Stovall’s "White Freedom" shows that the highly regarded American ideals of liberty and freedom do not contradict the nation’s record of racism; in the US, “freedom” has... Read More

Book Review

The IPO Playbook

by Claire Foster

"The IPO Playbook" is a wise and comprehensive guide to creating corporate value—and then cashing in. The transition from private corporation to publicly held company is a tightrope of trust, and corporate strategist Steve... Read More

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