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Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Ah, footnotes. Nothing endearing or sexy about them—unless you’re such a geek of letters, language, history, and research that you’ve developed a fetish for their unique supporting role. But the humble footnote also knows how to... Read More

Book Review

A Cage in Search of a Bird

by Monica Carter

Noiville’s novel is a sharp, taut thriller, both thought-provoking and terrifying. Florence Noiville’s "A Cage in Search of a Bird" is an engrossing psychological thriller that examines the emotional depths of obsession. The book is... Read More

Book Review

And Yet It Moves

by Susan Waggoner

In Erin Stalcup’s "And Yet It Moves", science, physics, and electricity (the reliably immutable phenomena that connect our universe) are the background for short stories of startling human disconnection and alienation. “Einstein”... Read More

Book Review


by John Senger

West’s book is the canary in the coal mine, as far as keeping democracy sustainable in the United States. If the strategy of the super wealthy to “get a senator,” as described by Darrell M. West in Billionaires: Reflections on the... Read More

Book Review


by Jessica S. Council

Embarking on an adventure across the universe, a couple shares their experience of love with angels, aliens, and humans alike. "Antivion" by Richard Sills is the continuation of Surooval and Norma’s romantic love story from Lanethros,... Read More

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