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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $13.50.

Book Review

Hilda and the Ship's Doctor

by Margaret Cullison

Dark threads of racial injustice underscore the multiple plot points of this detailed historical novel. Erica Bell skillfully uses a historical backdrop for her compelling fiction in Hilda and the Ship’s Doctor. During a treacherous... Read More

Book Review

Black Crow White Lie

by Lisa Romeo

Few novelists can arrestingly channel the voice of a neglected fourteen-year-old boy, half street urchin, half spiritual shaman, and emerge with an engaging first-person narrative that doesn’t drip with sentimentality or patronize teen... Read More

Book Review

Measuring Reality

The short stories in "Measuring Reality" recall Bradbury’s Medicine for Melancholy era as well as a Lovecraftian Gothic horror which rudely intrudes on characters living otherwise calm pedestrian lives. Carefully chosen language in... Read More

Book Review

The Sorcerer's Song and the Cat's Meow

The Sorcerer’s Song and The Cat’s Meow is an author’s triumph and a reader’s delight. Filled with creative energy intelligence and imagination A.A. Roberts’ novel grabs the reader’s attention with its brightly coloured... Read More

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