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Book Review

Saint Agnes’ Garden

by Shana Creaney

"Saint Agnes’ Garden" is a pleasant, quaint coming-of-age novel about relying on faith and learning to be okay with being less than perfect. In Diana Lynn Klueh’s short, sweet novel "Saint Agnes’ Garden", a young girl finds that... Read More

Book Review

Not Without Risk

by Anita Lock

"Not Without Risk" is filled with twists and turns from the get-go. In Pete Trewin’s engaging crime novel, "Not Without Risk", an unwitting underdog is caught in the throes of corruption. Martin Bennett, a stroke survivor who has been... Read More

Book Review

Of Covenants

by Matt Sutherland

C. Kubasta, please don’t take offense as we make reference to, ahem, country music in reviewing your fantastic new collection, "Of Covenants". The plainspoken, country-road cadence and homespun themes lean to AM, not FM, and yet the... Read More

Book Review

Child Play Mates

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Combining explicit sexual scenes with elements of a murder mystery, "Child Play Mates" works to shock its audience. Susan J. Young’s "Child Play Mates" reunites old friends in a winding tale of betrayal, murder, and sexual revenge.... Read More

Book Review

Murder in the Lab

by Julia Ann Charpentier

This fiction debut probes the dark side of human nature in the competitive field of biological science. Leonid Heifets creates a sordid scenario in which the suspicious deaths of two important people propel a high-stakes investigation.... Read More

Book Review

Yellow Fever

by Sara Budzik

Poetic, compelling, painfully beautiful writing contrasts with controversial subject matter to create a genuine work of modern art. If a young George Carlin, dealing with puberty and sexual frustration, set out to write a video-gamer’s... Read More

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