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Book Review

Islands on the Fringe

by Susan Waggoner

Islands of the Fringe is a wonderful account of a trip across the Pacific and a few seasons of island life. S. Jacques Stratton’s memoir, "Islands on the Fringe", is a bursting-with-life account of living on a tiny Pacific island... Read More

Book Review

Rag and Bone

by Emily Adams

Rag and Bone: Visit London, by Norman Flint, is a cheery children’s story that follows a frog and a toad as they tour London together. The bright colors and bold illustrations will quickly earn the attention of very young children as... Read More

Book Review

Reality and Dreams

by Heather Talty

In this novel aimed at young adults, twelve-year-old Dylan learns that his dreams may be more than just dreams, and that he himself is not who he thinks he is. Dylan’s dream world is strange and full of adventures. In one dream, he... Read More

Book Review

Captain No Beard

by Peter Dabbene

What kid doesn’t love pretending to be a pirate? Certainly not Captain No Beard (also known as Alexander), the hero of Carole P. Roman’s simple and delightful children’s book, "Captain No Beard". The tale is Roman’s first entry... Read More

Book Review

Conspiracy of Wolves

by Melissa Wuske

Ernie Hasler’s thriller, "Conspiracy of Wolves", tackles corruption at its deepest level. The protagonist, Douglas Hamilton, grew up in a Scottish coal-mining family. During a hotly contested miner’s strike, Douglas’s father,... Read More

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