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The Magic Colors of Sparkleshire

Part of the Enjella Adventure Series

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

Children who love longer stories with carefully crafted worlds will enjoy The Magic Colors of Sparkleshire.

The Magic Colors of Sparkleshire is, as the name implies, a magical and colorful book about a little fairy’s dream to become queen and spread colors through all of her home, Sparkleshire.

Jocelyn is a young fairy who can’t wait to become a tooth fairy with her own route. She sees the beautiful colors in the distance and wonders why they’re so far away and not spread through all of Sparkleshire for every fairy to see and enjoy. But the colors in the rest of Sparkleshire aren’t the beautiful bright ones that the tooth fairies with their own routes get to study and enjoy. So Jocelyn’s mother takes her to see the beautiful colors and to learn about what they each mean.

Since Sparkleshire is described as “muted” in color, it is understandable that the beginning pictures are not as bright and cheerful as the rest of the book. Still, it can be difficult to engage with the first few pages that contain more subdued pictures. With the promise of color, there is reason to keep reading and the colorful pages are much more intriguing.

The long paragraphs often include larger words that will most likely fall outside of a child’s vocabulary. Combined with the longer paragraph styles, the story may not hold attention. This occurs mostly at the beginning; the explanations of the colors and their symbols merges into the story later on. While the long paragraphs continue, the repetition is more engaging and better suited for the age group.

Jocelyn’s devotion to studying all the colors and working hard to be a good fairy is commendable. While the story is intriguing and satisfyingly rounded out, it is also rather long for the intended younger audience.

Children who love longer stories with carefully crafted worlds will enjoy The Magic Colors of Sparkleshire.

Reviewed by Hannah Hohman

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