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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 84 pages.

Book Review

Leap Thirty

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Leap Thirty" is a powerful, understated poetry collection that makes its impact felt through emotional resonance. Time and memory are the foundation of Diane Lowell Wilder’s poetry collection "Leap Thirty". At once personal and... Read More

Book Review

The Willies

by Matt Sutherland

“Finally, the poem I will not write.” With such an opener, Adam Falkner dares to let go of his debut collection. Most every image and sentiment to follow feels unburdening, like a rebirth. Falkner’s work has appeared on HBO, NBC,... Read More

Book Review

Tangled Words

by Mari Carlson

"Tangled Words" is an everywoman’s story about sisterhood and creativity that’s innovative in its format. Rima Jbara’s novella "Tangled Words" reflects the intertwined fates of archetypal twin sisters. Twin sisters Eternity and... Read More

Book Review

American Radiance

by Matt Sutherland

Luisa Muradyan comes to America from Ukraine as a child. She grows up to study poetry at the doctorate level; meanwhile, her poems are published in Paris-American, Blackbird, Los Angeles Review, and Poetry International, among other... Read More

Book Review

Nukunu College

by Rebecca Monterusso

In the young adult drama of "Nukunu College", relationships are tested, lines are crossed, and nothing is off-limits. In Z. D. Boxall’s juicy tale of love and war, "Nukunu College", a girl who just wants to avoid drama is followed by... Read More

Book Review

The Road Taken

by Karen Rigby

A personal account of a full life, "The Road Taken" is a memoir that captures all of the highlights. Through a series of spare vignettes, the memoir "The Road Taken" revisits Rema Lim’s milestones. Black-and-white family photographs... Read More

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