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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 76 pages.

Book Review

Trailer Trash

by Matt Sutherland

July Westhale’s poetry seems accompanied with a tuning fork’s pitch, a heightened, pressing, weaponized immediacy. Whatever she faced to earn that ability would have killed a lesser mortal, we can be sure. A creative writing,... Read More

Book Review

Animal Journeys

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Across mountains, valleys, and plains, through water and by air, millions of wild creatures embark on migrations every year, both near and far, alone or en masse. Patricia Hegarty’s "Animal Journeys" reveals fascinating facts—who... Read More

Book Review


by Anitra Budd

The real lesson of "Jay" is to cherish life’s small moments, and to remain on the lookout for the many flashes of beauty that surround us. A Midwestern brand of self-effacement runs through Jay Reed’s eponymous photo memoir, "Jay".... Read More

Book Review

Montgomery Rabbit

by Kelly Thunstrom

Raspberries are Montgomery Rabbit’s favorite thing in the whole world—and he’s on a joyful adventure to find them. Sandy Little’s "Montgomery Rabbit" tells the story of two rabbits trying to make it to a raspberry patch, proving... Read More

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