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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 532 pages.

Book Review

Palpable Passions

by Claire Foster

"Palpable Passions" uses bright, earnest characters to show that a microcosm can be just as complicated as the big picture. Tom Corbett’s "Palpable Passions" is an emotional novel set against the backdrop of the American invasion of... Read More

Book Review


by Amanda Adams

"PrimoDeus" is a relatable, thrilling, and epic exploration of the ravages of time. Ambitious in scope and sweeping in inclusion, "PrimoDeus" by John LaChance is a gripping, exploratory character drama with biblically high stakes. The... Read More

Book Review

Vegan Planet

by Matt Sutherland

This revised edition of the 2007 “bible of vegan cooking” is another monumental testament to the mainstreaming of the animal-free mindset. Millions of Americans now call themselves vegan and are proving that meat and animal... Read More

Book Review

Medusa's Cause

by Mark McLaughlin

“You too would be a little peculiar in thy habits if you had snakes growing out of thy head,” sighs the sister of the girl a spiteful Greek goddess turned into the famous monster with the reptilian hairdo. The title character of P.E.... Read More

Book Review

Shades of Gray

by Carol Lynn Stewart

Confederate Captain Alexander Hunter wants nothing more than to put a stop to the slippery, fast-riding Yankee scout who has been reporting the maneuvers of Hunter’s reconnaissance and re-supply missions to the enemy Union army. When... Read More