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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 478 pages.

Book Review

The First Robot President

by Nancy Powell

"The First Robot President" is an entertaining science fiction satire made fascinating because of its behind-the-scenes looks at the bruising world of modern politics. Robert Carlyle Taylor’s thought-provoking political satire, "The... Read More

Book Review

The Fifth Dimension

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Fifth Dimension" is a loquacious novel with some interesting philosophical insights. Ramma Kher’s novel "The Fifth Dimension" follows a woman through grief, motherhood, and numerous existential crises. After the devastating death... Read More

Book Review

Mary Poser

by Drema Drudge

A romance with unexpected twists, complicated layers, and tense near misses, "Mary Poser" is a gratifying trip. Angel A’s "Mary Poser" is a heartfelt, pistol-shot-paced intercultural romance set in Nashville. A compliant pastor’s... Read More

Book Review

The Magpie

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

The methodical search through Amsterdam for a serial killer results in an engrossing thriller filled with memorable characters. In Oliver Rock’s enthralling thriller, "The Magpie", a serial killer has the citizens of Amsterdam on edge.... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Tunnel

by Kelly Depin

This lyrical tale is a satisfying glimpse into Europe between the wars and the enduring bonds of family. Patrick Henderson’s "The Dark Tunnel" is the epic, heartwarming, and heartrending story of three cousins whose bonds are strained... Read More

Book Review

Immortal Africanus

by Nancy Walker

A well-written piece of historical fiction, this book’s themes of courage and frailty, love and murder, order and chaos will resonate. Military history buffs and aficionados of ancient Rome will find battles and skirmishes, murder and... Read More

Book Review

This Way To Paradise

by Lynn Evarts

Finely honed character interactions add humor and dimension to the relationships in this pulse-pounding medical thriller. In this second installment of the Alex Randolph series, D. Bruce Foster creates another exciting, pulse-pounding... Read More

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