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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 446 pages.

Book Review

Why Are We Here?

by Lisa Alexia

"Why Are We Here?" synthesizes interdisciplinary sciences to explain how terrestrial life developed and what might threaten it in the future. Bruce Brodie’s fascinating "Why Are We Here?" sweeps the origin, evolution, and future of... Read More

Book Review

Crossing Clayborn

by Mark McLaughlin

"Crossing Clayborn" is a delightful, old-school story of the settling of scores by an injured party, dressed up and decked out with mobsters, Cuban freedom fighters, rapacious robber barons, and other seedy and unsavory characters.... Read More

Book Review

The Road Home

This is Harrison’s first full-length novel since Dalva a decade ago; a complex, bittersweet prequel encompassing nearly a century of family history from the American heartland. It is a wondrous tale, larded with earthy humor and... Read More