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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 432 pages.

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Book Review

The Paris Children

by Karen Rigby

Inspired by the social work and remarkable courage of Madeleine Lévy, the granddaughter of Captain Alfred Dreyfus, Gloria Goldreich’s haunting historical novel "The Paris Children" is centered in the French resistance. The Dreyfus... Read More

Book Review

The Runaways

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Three teenagers, bent by circumstances beyond themselves, run headlong into the dark realities of the modern world in Fatima Bhutto’s stunning novel "The Runaways". Anita Rose is “everything and nothing at once,” according to her... Read More

Book Review

Afterlife Crisis

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Randal Graham’s raucous, wry, and philosophical sequel to Beforelife, the divine Author’s intrepid hero, Rhinnick Feynman, returns, determined as ever to prove his centrality to the story of all. Those who meet their ends on Earth... Read More

Book Review

Regaining Paradise

by Jill Beauchamp

Paul Corson’s "Regaining Paradise" is an eloquent and intellectually challenging spiritual text that works to refute scientific conclusions of a strictly material world. Paul Corson’s "Regaining Paradise" undertakes a long, complex... Read More

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