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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 396 pages.

Book Review

A Penguin Rolling down a Hill

by Nancy Powell

A Penguin Rolling Down a Hill is a highly entertaining adventure with wink-and-smile humor. Kevin Tranter’s A Penguin Rolling Down a Hill adeptly mixes Monty Pythonesque surrealism with slapstick humor for a wonderfully crafted young... Read More

Book Review

Ravens and Writing Desks

by Delia Stanley

This novel dives into fantastic worlds of magic, power, and the never-ending fight between darkness and light. A young girl must battle danger and darkness to fulfill a prophesy in Chris Meekings’s "Ravens and Writing Desks", a twist... Read More

Book Review

Memory Girl

by Stephanie Bucklin

Where does one identity begin and another end? In "Memory Girl", the inhabitants of ShareHaven do not really die—at least, their memories do not. The scientists in that community have figured out how to store and then transfer the... Read More

Book Review

America Invades

by Julia Ann Charpentier

This informative yet entertaining history text presents a factual account of United States military involvement throughout the world. In "America Invades", Christopher Kelly and Stuart Laycock delve into all types of US military foreign... Read More

Book Review

Shadows & Wings

by Cheryl Hibbard

Intense and haunting, debut work dissects multiple layers of human interaction as it explores questions about Nazi past. Exquisitely written, exceptionally engaging, and deeply thoughtful, Niki Tulk’s Shadows and Wings spans the... Read More

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