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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 396 pages.

Book Review


by Aimee Jodoin

Kirk E. Hammond’s science fiction series start off "Opposable" is gory and campy in all the best ways, with captivating characters to boot. Kirk E. Hammond’s science fiction adventure "Opposable" is a punk rock road trip novel... Read More

Book Review

The Tome of Ding

by Joseph S. Pete

"The Tome of Ding" is an entertaining account of an interesting life. Terence Dingwall’s wry memoir "The Tome of Ding" collects amusing tales of globe-hopping and tinkering with vehicles. Covering Dingwall’s father’s World War II... Read More

Book Review

The Don of Siracusa

by Delia Stanley

"The Don of Siracusa" is a modernized mafia drama in which questions about morality, power, and revenge arise. In Sean Rea’s engrossing drama "The Don of Siracusa", a young man transitions from being a business professional to a mafia... Read More

Book Review

Malila of the Scorch

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Malila of the Scorch" is a thrilling dystopia whose characters fight to defend everything that matters most. A handful of spies and fighters are the only people who can save America from invasion in W. Clark Boutwell’s novel "Malila... Read More

Book Review

A Penguin Rolling down a Hill

by Nancy Powell

A Penguin Rolling Down a Hill is a highly entertaining adventure with wink-and-smile humor. Kevin Tranter’s A Penguin Rolling Down a Hill adeptly mixes Monty Pythonesque surrealism with slapstick humor for a wonderfully crafted young... Read More

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