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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 384 pages.

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Book Review

How the Deer Moon Hungers

by Aimee Jodoin

A girl comes into her own following a tragedy in Susan Wingate’s poignant novel. In Susan Wingate’s novel "How the Deer Moon Hungers", the hidden horrors of juvenile detention facilities are exposed. Mackenzie knows that her parents... Read More

Book Review

The Price of Safety

by Susan Waggoner

"The Price of Safety" is an imaginative, action-driven science fiction novel set in a nightmarish yet plausible future. Michael C. Bland’s dystopian novel "The Price of Safety" is set in a future with a government that’s powerful... Read More

Book Review

The First 7

by Susan Waggoner

In Laura Pohl’s absorbing "The First 7", the last seven teenagers on Earth, having escaped an alien invasion, rove the universe. When a signal from Earth reaches them, they return to find a small community of survivors. But Clover... Read More

Book Review

The Moon Always Rising

by Karen Rigby

"The Moon Always Rising" is a complicated and memorable supernatural romance. In Alice C. Early’s unusual romance "The Moon Always Rising", an investment banker buys a haunted West Indies estate, filling it with hope for her future.... Read More

Book Review

Patrick J. Lucey

by Benjamin Welton

A wonderful portrait of a beloved politician, "Patrick J. Lucey" is an essential addition to the history of Wisconsin politics. Dennis L. Dresang’s expansive biography "Patrick J. Lucey" suggests the national importance of an otherwise... Read More

Book Review

What Kind of Girl

by Danielle Ballantyne

When Maya reveals to the school principal that her boyfriend, Mike, has been hitting her, North Bay Academy fractures down its center, forcing Maya and those around her to come to terms with cracks within themselves. Shifting... Read More

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