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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 346 pages.

Book Review

HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide

by Jeremiah Rood

HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide is a great reference work for those learning to code and build websites. David DuRocher’s computing reference book HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide has the potential to turn average internet travelers... Read More

Book Review

The Rock of Achill

by John M. Murray

In the adventure novel "The Rock of Achill", fantastic experiences change a young man, but cannot alter what makes him unique. In Jim Sheehan’s epic novel "The Rock of Achill", a young man who’s accompanied by knights and rebels... Read More

Book Review

Stuck in Manistique

by Aimee Jodoin

Set in small-town Michigan, "Stuck in Manistique" is an unconventional novel that is both entertaining and cathartic. Dennis Cuesta’s quirky and atmospheric novel, "Stuck in Manistique", strikes a perfect balance between lighthearted... Read More

Book Review

Making It Work

by Geraldine Richards

In "Making It Work", the Vietnam era serves as a dynamic backdrop for the story of a young woman’s journey to maturity. "Making It Work" by Kathleen Glassburn follows Sheila Doty as she grows into a self-assured woman. Sheila’s... Read More

Book Review

Crooked Principles

by Brittney Decker

Cady’s stylized prose penetrates the darkest crevices of the imagination. Kevin Cady’s blood-drenched thriller Crooked Principles: Book Two of the Warren Files sends FBI agents Elijah Warren and Aurelia Blanc on a chilling... Read More

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