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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 339 pages.

Book Review

The Weight

by Jennifer Miller

This intricate legal thriller moves at a quick clip in a fascinating, corrupt small-town setting. In classic legal thriller style, Hubert Crouch jumps into "The Weight" with an ambiguous murder plot, one to be untangled piece by piece as... Read More

Book Review

The Ambassador

by Michelle Anne Schingler

An intelligent, fact-paced historical novel moves up the formation of Israel by ten years and reimagines Jewish-Nazi diplomacy during WWII. Israeli diplomat Yehuda Avner and journalist Matt Rees join forces in a gripping political... Read More

Book Review

God's Inferno

The pretext for James Tucker’s study of Christianity is a conversation between three angels. Ariana is a true believer, but until now she has never looked at her faith critically. She is upset with Cerberus, the Devil’s disciple,... Read More

Book Review

California Shorts

by Martin Shaw

Banish the California glitz. Clear the memories of Rodeo Drive, the Top of the Mark, the Seventeen-Mile Drive and the Ahwahnee Lodge. Prepare for a collection of twenty-four stories that get at the real California through the talents of... Read More

Book Review

The Condor's Shadow

by David Speas

A senior ecologist for the Environmental Defense Fund, Wilcove examines the rich, complex and sometimes regrettable history of human impact on North American wildlife. He argues that we rarely understand the natural world until it is... Read More