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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 330 pages.

Book Review

River Woman, River Demon

by Catherine Thureson

In Jennifer Givhan’s riveting novel "River Woman, River Demon", a bruja fights to discover the truth about the woman whom her husband found murdered behind their home. Eva is haunted. When she was fourteen, her best friend drowned... Read More

Book Review

Boys, Beasts & Men

by Ho Lin

The line between figurative and literal beasts is blurred in the inventive stories of Sam J. Miller’s Boys, Beasts & Men. The book’s conjured funhouse worlds are both familiar and alien. Small-town family tensions are exacerbated... Read More

Book Review

My Volcano

by Eileen Gonzalez

The chaos of current events takes on a supernatural dimension in John Elizabeth Stintzi’s novel "My Volcano". In the summer of 2016, all over the world, there are strange occurrences. The most spectacular event of all: a volcano... Read More

Book Review

Power Blind

by Joseph S. Pete

"Power Blind" is a compelling procedural novel; its story takes on the criminal justice system and the nature of power. V.S. Kemanis’s engrossing legal novel "Power Blind" follows a murder in New York City prior to the Covid-19... Read More

Book Review

No Gods, No Monsters

by George Hajjar

A distinctive urban fantasy novel, Cadwell Turnbull’s "No Gods, No Monsters" is an operatic story involving monsters, magic, and myth. The stage is set when Laina receives a flash drive containing footage of a Boston cop killing a... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

Parenting without punishment, threats, rewards, or bribery seemed like a fantasy until Wendy Thomas Russell enrolled in Ty and Linda Hatfield’s Parenting from the Heart course, which draws from Adlerian psychology and its offshoots. In... Read More

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