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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 329 pages.

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Book Review


by Mark McLaughlin

“Don Christopherens was a man who came alive on a ship. A thing to behold was his certainty of signal from wave and wind and cloud,” writes Diego Colon, a Taino native who as a boy accompanied Christopher Columbus as interpreter... Read More

Book Review

Agent of Influence

by Monica Carter

Political intrigue shines in this well-plotted thriller about deception and murder. Agent of Influence takes two former CIA agents, a presidential campaign, and a Russian spy, and thoughtfully delivers an exciting and fast-paced game of... Read More

Book Review

Westinghouse Patent Pend. and Friends

Adam Dumphy’s "Westinghouse Patent Pend. and Friends" has nothing to do with light bulbs and everything to do with dim bulbs. A rollicking farcical depiction of a bumptious 18-year-old catapulted into the world by his Ma to seek his... Read More

Book Review

War and the Soul

by E. James Lieberman

Even Gandhi believed that people need the qualities that warriors once possessed, but soldiering, once a constructive rite of passage, has given up most of the glory it once held. Weapons of mass destruction have ruined war. Machine... Read More

Book Review

The Best Travel Writing 2005

by Carol Haggas

For arguments sake, one could divide the world into non-travelers and travelers. Non-travelers are those for whom long lines at Homeland Security checkpoints are obstacle enough to keep them from venturing beyond safe and familiar... Read More