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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 323 pages.

Book Review

Beyond a Darkened Sky

by John M. Murray

"Beyond a Darkened Sky" begins its fantasy series in an endearing way, building to a epic showdown between good and evil. In Dana Alexander’s endearing fantasy "Beyond a Darkened Sky", a woman grows into her powers as she faces an epic... Read More

Book Review

All Things Unforgiven

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Descriptions of violence have a tactile quality and stay with the reader into following scenes; the hectic love in Arya’s family is as lastingly conveyed. The debut novel from Raj Karamchedu, All Things Unforgiven, is a searing... Read More

Book Review

The World Between

by Diane Gardner

“He was a born ruler. Why was it impossible for people to see that? Something was bound to happen sooner or later to thrust him forward toward his destiny. For now, he would wait.” A work of juvenile fiction that blends fantasy and... Read More

Book Review

Radiation Protective Foods

by Rachel Jagareski

In 1986, Sara Shannon published Diet for the Atomic Age, which outlined the hazards of low-level radiation on human health. Since that time there have been many more nuclear power plants and nuclear waste sites constructed across the... Read More

Book Review

Not Fade Away

“Love is love and not fade away.” —Buddy Holly “Not Fade Away” (1957) Fifteen-year-old Andy Lerner greets the summer of 1959 with typical teenage complacency unaware that the close of the season will find his life drastically... Read More