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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 314 pages.

Book Review

The Land Steward’s Daughter

by Karen Rigby

"The Land Steward’s Daughter" is an endearing historical romance whose lovers flourish despite opposition. Becky Michaels’s Regency romance, "The Land Steward’s Daughter", explores the fruits of long-delayed love between childhood... Read More

Book Review

The Divided Twin

by Jeremiah Rood

Brilliant and disturbing, M. Billiter’s novel "The Divided Twin" takes a grim look inside the mind of a killer. On the surface, Aaron and Branson Kovak are two normal identical twins juggling the demands of their final year of college.... Read More

Book Review

Baby Snakes

by Susan Waggoner

"Baby Snakes" is an original take on the Raj, full of wry humor, strong characters, and evocative descriptions that linger. Full-bodied characters and a darkly comedic narrative voice combine in Demarest Campbell’s "Baby Snakes", a... Read More

Book Review

The Quelling

by Linda Thorlakson

The rush of a whodunit pales next to Barbara Barrow’s what’ve-they-done-and-why, "The Quelling". The novel instantly achieves page-turner status through vexing questions. Why are two youngsters being raised by television nature... Read More

Book Review

Love vs. Duty

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Love vs. Duty" is an engaging fantasy romance about the difficult choice between love and duty when the future of the universe is at stake. In Nick Dream’s fantasy romance "Love vs. Duty", Greek mythology meets alien invasion as... Read More

Book Review

The Rice Thieves

by Benjamin Welton

"The Rice Thieves" has pretty much all you could ever want out of an action tale—love, violence, patriotism, and discussions about the importance of food production. "The Rice Thieves" is an international caper featuring what could be... Read More

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