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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 314 pages.

Book Review

My Mother’s Secret

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Love is the driving force in Alina Adams’s intimate novel "My Mother’s Secret", set in Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union. A firm believer in communism, Regina dreams of building a socialist Jewish society in Birobidzhan, the designated... Read More

Book Review

FanGong Seawall

by Karen Rigby

"FanGong Seawall" is a lucid hagiographical novel in which a revered leader’s sense of civic duty and personal integrity leads to community improvements. Jiwen’s informative biographical novel "FanGong Seawall" is about a public... Read More

Book Review

The Depresso Trilogy

by Matt Benzing

"The Depresso Trilogy" is a fun, thrilling, and humorous superhero riff. O. W. Láav’s three-part fantasy novel "The Depresso Trilogy" follows the exciting, funny, and provocative adventures of a unique superhero. "The Depresso... Read More

Book Review

Geographies of the Heart

by Karen Rigby

Eldercare, mourning, and the heartening anchor that comes from retelling personal stories infuse Caitlin Hamilton Summie’s "Geographies of the Heart", a tender novel-in-stories about a multigenerational Minnesotan family. A recent... Read More

Book Review

Secrets Revealed

by Anna Maria Colivicchi

"Secrets Revealed" is a steamy romance novel in which two people fall in love despite their brokenness. Francis Dane’s erotic romance novel "Secrets Revealed" is about the tormented attraction between a young woman and her boss.... Read More

Book Review

Cathedral Late Afternoon

by Delia Stanley

In the historical novel "Cathedral Late Afternoon", a Jewish American soldier in post-war Germany has experiences that change his trajectory. In Bob Lavner’s historical novel "Cathedral Late Afternoon", an American soldier witnesses... Read More

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