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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 298 pages.

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Book Review

Frank-3 Enroute

by Tracy Fischer

Larger-than-life officer Rod Randel must combat a drug cartel in this exciting new addition to the Vegas-centered series. Frank-3 Enroute: It Ain’t Finished, the third book in the Las Vegas series by writing duo Rod Harris and Norma... Read More

Book Review


by Randy Radic

Brandt’s remarkable storytelling ability turns this true crime tale into the exciting, personal story of a charming con artist. True crime is a difficult genre to write effectively. Vast amounts of research are required, along with a... Read More

Book Review


by Lynn Evarts

Barrett simultaneously advances the plot and character development with fast action scenes and observant descriptions. “Once in, never out.” In Chuck Barrett’s first-rate thriller, "Blown", this oath between Army Delta Force... Read More

Book Review

Nature's Confession

by James Burt

Adventure, satire, dystopia, all in one well-written speculative-fiction package. Nature’s Confession, a new speculative fiction novel by J. L. Morin, works to combine adventure, science fiction, and some political satire. It also has... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

Plummer tastefully blends erotica with religious belief in this novel of love and open-minded Christianity. The old saw says love comes when you least expect it. Emotionally bruised child-care worker Saundra and ex-basketball player... Read More

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