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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 280 pages.

Book Review

Nebrodi Mountains

by Joseph S. Pete

"Nebrodi Mountains" is a novel about mafia intrigue and moral dilemmas in which a billionaire takes a stand against the mob. In William Peace’s novel "Nebrodi Mountains", a billionaire moves to Sicily—and right into mafia territory.... Read More

Book Review

Cora's Kitchen

by Randi Hacker

A Black woman rebels against racism and class, finding her voice, in Kimberly Garrett Brown’s novel Cora’s Kitchen. In 1928, Cora James is an aspiring writer who works as a librarian in New York. She is aware of the privileged... Read More

Book Review

A World in a Shell

by Rebecca Foster

“Each and every extinction has its own story,” writes Thom van Dooren in his attentive, elegiac book "A World in a Shell", which regards Hawai’i’s lost and endangered snail species as instructive microcosms of biodiversity loss.... Read More

Book Review

The Key to Circus-Mom Highway

by Karen Rigby

"The Key to Circus-Mom Highway" is a zany novel in which two adoptees rediscover their family roots. In Allyson Rice’s feverish, entertaining novel "The Key to Circus-Mom Highway", siblings go on a road trip in search of their... Read More

Book Review

Untangling Karma

by Aleena Ortiz

Judith Ragir dismantles collective and individual traumas in her memoir "Untangling Karma". Marrying secular and sacred life, Ragir reflects on her roles as a mother, a Buddhist priest, a repudiated Jewish woman, and a trauma survivor.... Read More

Book Review

Chimera Conflict

by Joseph S. Pete

"Chimera Conflict" is a provocative thriller in which a doctor undergoes an intriguing surgery following a devastating accident. In Robert Wilson Morgan’s speculative novel "Chimera Conflict", a doctor’s brain is transplanted into a... Read More

Book Review


by Suzanne Kamata

"Enough" is a startling memoir about surviving assault and grappling with mental illness. "Enough", a transnational memoir, recounts Amelia Zachry’s trauma and healing with courage and candor. Zachry was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,... Read More

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