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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 27 pages.

Book Review

WTF: Poems

by Sara Budzik

These evocative poems are a detailed but disciplined examination of a daughter’s understanding of her father. Laura Foley’s WTF is a collection of poems that reflect on and process the author’s relationship with her father, who... Read More

Book Review

I See the World

by Lauren Kramer

Children aren’t always aware that not everyone around them is just like them. In I See The World, Jean Barlow offers a children’s book based on a poem by Karen Benedetto. It’s all about sight and it works on several different... Read More

Book Review

Perils of Cyril Wright

The Perils of Cyril Wright is the story of a young man who prospers in spite of physical limitations. Cyril is the focus of his parents’ lives, and when they die, Cyril must go to live with a retired aunt. The protagonist’s... Read More

Book Review


by Joyce Rice

Children of all ages are familiar with the nursery rhyme that tells the story of Mary and her little lamb that followed her to school. "Woolie" tells readers how Mary and the lamb came to be together in the first place. Mary’s Uncle... Read More