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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 247 pages.

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

Edward Stanton’s "Vidas" gathers his encounters with Mexicans and his travels through Spain in rhapsodic essays that mine his lifelong fascination with Latino cultures. Stanton’s interest in Latino cultures was initiated by a... Read More

Book Review

Different Lee

by Nancy Powell

"Different Lee" is a highly entertaining and terrifically paced fantasy novel. Bill Hiatt’s "Different Lee" is a cleverly plotted, high-octane mash-up of fantasy genres, in which a modern guy and a mythical creature ally with a group... Read More

Book Review

Unfinished Stories of Girls

by Jill Allen

Eerie happenings weave through the lives of these small-town folks, making these snapshots not just stories, but character studies. "Unfinished Stories of Girls"—a haunting collection of short stories penned by veteran writer Catherine... Read More

Book Review

Dark Lily

by Jill Allen

"Dark Lily", the debut romance novel from Nina Navarre, combines ancient traditions, haunting islands, femme fatales, and the horror of history repeating itself. The story will be appreciated by romance lovers and mystery lovers alike.... Read More

Book Review

Daemon of the Dark Wood

by J.G. Stinson

In the small north Georgia town of Dogwood, a deputy sheriff answering a missing person report on a local resident finds the woman’s car, but not her. Certain clues make him suspect something’s amiss—especially when he learns that... Read More

Book Review

My Sisters Made of Light

by Shoilee Khan

"My Sisters Made of Light" is the riveting story of Ujala, a Pakistani schoolteacher imprisoned in Adiala Prison, a women’s penitentiary that holds the lives of hundreds of Pakistani women in limbo. Abused and lost, these women all... Read More

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