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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 228 pages.

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Book Review

The Depths

by John M. Murray

Kirk Kjeldsen’s "The Depths" takes a woman on the edge and pushes her farther, resulting in a dark, engaging, and contemplative thriller. After a series of miscarriages and marriage woes, Eden Lenaerts plans a Malaysian getaway with... Read More

Book Review

No Sad Songs

by Catherine Thureson

In the poignant "No Sad Songs", teenage Gabe is not particularly popular. He loves baseball and poetry. His best friend is John. And his grandfather lives with his family and suffers from dementia. Gabe’s occasional responsibilities to... Read More

Book Review

A River, One Woman Deep

by Kristine Morris

Linda Ty- Casper’s Filipina and Filipina-American protagonists find that their struggle to discover their personal identity is complicated by events or memories of events that happened in their homeland. Memory plays a vital role in... Read More

Book Review

Invasion: Eris

by John M. Murray

Humor, especially witty alien dialogue, adds a nice counterpoint to the tense drama and action of this science fiction showdown. The second book of the Chuck, Yu, and Farley series, Penny L. Samms’s "Invasion: Eris" blends action,... Read More

Book Review

By Other Means

by Brittney Decker

In this dynamic tale that is energized by dry humor and wit, no one can be trusted and nothing is ever what it seems. Joel Sacks’s political thriller "By Other Means" follows a fierce young woman into a dangerous realm of espionage.... Read More

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