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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 225 pages.

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Book Review

Traveling Heavy

by Jacquelyn Lazo

Intimate, vulnerable memoir chronicles Cuban-American cultural anthropologist’s coming-of-age as she travels the world in search of “home.” “However much I long for the island I once called home, I’m not beholden to any one... Read More

Book Review

Rough and Tumble

by Jeff Fleischer

Anthropologist challenges notion that human ancestors were defined by “killer ape” aggression; weapons reflected problem-solving abilities. In his new book, "Rough and Tumble", anthropologist Travis Rayne Pickering argues that, while... Read More

Book Review

The 7th Woman

by Lawrence Kane

Standing before a crowd of aspiring writers some twenty-five years ago, Hugo and Nebula award-winning author Scott Card admonished, “Nobody ever woke up and decided ‘today I’m going to be evil’.” Outstanding advice, as crime... Read More

Book Review

The Cake Chronicles

by Elizabeth Breau

One devilishly hot July day, Robinson quotes Dean Koontz in response to her family’s depression about the weather: “Where there’s cake, there’s hope. And there’s always cake.” Thus was born “Cake Day,” designated as... Read More

Book Review

August Wilson

by Geraldine A. Richards

Ten plays. Ten decades. This is August Wilson’s legacy. Wilson, winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, is considered the greatest American playwright of the last half of the twentieth century. In August Wilson: Completing the Twentieth-Century... Read More

Book Review


In Christmasville tomatoes have only recently come into existence the changing colors of autumn are unheard of and the only person who notices or cares is fourteen-year old protagonist Mary Jane Higgins. Mary Jane begins the book by... Read More

Book Review

Island Intrigue

A cutthroat family secret isn’t enough to hide the dead in this author’s newest novel, the first installment of an anticipated new mystery series set in the tropics. Best known for her popular “Callie McKinley Outer Banks”... Read More

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