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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 210 pages.

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Book Review

Mrs. Langlois' House

by Susan Waggoner

Straddling the line between hallucination, magical realism, and the ordinary hormone-fueled weirdness of adolescence, the text is sympathetic and captivating. Two tough, scrappy heroines, one young and the other old, combine to make... Read More

Book Review

In the Way of Jesus

by Jeremiah Rood

"In the Way of Jesus" fills a needed niche, offering church followers a way to really grow in faith. Paul D. Kroeker’s "In the Way of Jesus" is a collection of pastoral reflections that offer a worthy exploration of what life looks... Read More

Book Review

Do We Not Bleed?

by Bradley A. Scott

This is a lively and thoughtful hybrid of detective story and psychological literary fiction. Daniel Taylor’s "Do We Not Bleed?" is presented as a detective story, but that’s only half of its appeal. This is a witty and thoughtful... Read More

Book Review

A Curious Host

by Karen Rigby

Lucid, interconnected portraits of adults reveal defeat, yearning, ambition, and loneliness. Nanette L. Avery pays impressive tribute to the Southern Gothic in A Curious Host. Against a backdrop of heavy rain, this panoramic novel... Read More

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