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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 204 pages.

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Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

A compelling mix of New Age spiritualism and self-esteem primer, "Karina" overlays coming-of-age questions with magical insight. E. B. Mann’s allegorical novel "Karina" is a heartwarming story of transformation that takes an average... Read More

Book Review

The China Connection

by Gary Henry

"The China Connection" is an enjoyable and plausible thriller set in interesting locations with plenty of twists and turns. Secrets, corruption, betrayals, and international intrigue force a retired detective to go outside the law and... Read More

Book Review

That Lucky Old Son

by Susan Waggoner

For historians, World War II buffs, and veterans’ families, this book offers a unique take on world events at the micro level. "That Lucky Old Son" is not to be missed. Mark Cote’s moving and richly detailed biography "That Lucky Old... Read More

Book Review

The Sand Carriers

by Andrea Hammer

This memorable work makes its mark through its original and eloquent expression of ideas. "The Sand Carriers" is Val Villarreal Jr.’s unadorned collection of poetry. Its poems stand independently and speak strongly on their own, with... Read More

Book Review

Olympia Knife

by Claire Foster

This mesmerizing novel is a must. Americans don’t have fairy tales: we have legends. Tall tales. "Olympia Knife" is a fabulous, luscious story that invokes a magical, yesteryear world. Filled with larger-than-life characters, this... Read More

Book Review

Some Bore Gifts

by Kristine Morris

Each of A. G. Harmon’s finely crafted stories is a portrait of a human soul—a Mexican tree cutter, burdened with a guilty heart, shares his need for atonement; a retired physician, who has been for his patients “the one to whom... Read More

Book Review

Hidden Treasure

by Jeremiah Rood

"Hidden Treasure" stands to enhance faith journeys amongst Catholic, and conservative, Christian audiences. Peter Aiello’s Hidden Treasure: Biblical Higher Power Spirituality for Inner Peace and Strength is a work of Christian... Read More

Book Review

The Oarsman

by Gregory A. Lowe

"The Oarsman" is thoughtfully written and will be enjoyed by those who enjoy fantastic narratives that inspire self-reflection. "The Oarsman" by Zubin Mathai is a strong plot-driven novel with intriguing allegorical elements. With vivid... Read More

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