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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 173 pages.

Book Review

Time Peels All to Original White

by Michele Sharpe

Inventive, beautiful, and deep, the poems of "Time Peels All to Original White" muse on subjects of perennial relevance in fresh, literary ways. Xueyan’s exceptional poetry collection "Time Peels All to Original White" combines... Read More

Book Review

The Creators

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

This trilogy-ending science fiction title makes an entertaining case for the beauty and dignity of life cycles. Rick Moskovitz’s science fiction trilogy concludes with "The Creators", in which an assembled cast faces the question of... Read More

Book Review

Two Milliners

by Cheryl Hibbard

Set in England’s Midlands during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, James Connor’s "Two Milliners" creates a promising opening for a book intended for a young adult audience. Two teenaged boys go for a swim in a river, while two... Read More

Book Review

The Manger

by Pat McGrath Avery

For readers who have wondered about the relationship of Jesus’ earthly parents this is their story. From the days of young courtship through the Angel Gabriel’s visit a Jewish wedding the birth of Jesus and the years of his ministry... Read More

Book Review

Different Dads

by Mary Spiro

One in every 150 American children has autism, the Centers for Disease Control reports. Autism is just one of twenty conditions described by this book’s contributors, each fathering a disabled child. The writers, all from the United... Read More

Book Review

Turning Pro

“I started stripping when Louisville changed the nudity/alcohol laws. I was 18 and had been working in the live girl shows.” Callous, coarse, and candid, the author draws from her extensive body of experience and offers glimpses of... Read More

Book Review

My Nature Journal

by Norvilla Bennett

When bats “listen” for their high pitched squeaks returning to them it is referred to as echolocation. Bats need this to locate the insects they eat. They also prefer to pollinate large, white, musty smelling flowers. Olmstead has... Read More

Book Review

A Jewish Mother in Shangri-La

by Hannah Merker

“I thought that if I practiced Judaism according to my heart, my children would follow… ,” Rosenzweig notes in her journal-like search, written with far more profundity than the flip title suggests. Flip because the “Jewish... Read More