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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 170 pages.

Book Review

Is the Emperor Dressed?

by Kristine Morris

Questioning what it means to be fully human, the philosophical text "Is the Emperor Dressed?" puts theism and evolution into conversation. Fuwan Yang’s "Is the Emperor Dressed?" takes a philosophical approach to the discussion of the... Read More

Book Review

Becoming Unruly

by Andrea Hammer

With its detailed discussions and tips, "Becoming Unruly" is an educational self-help and leadership guide that facilitates change. LaRoyce Batchelor’s self-improvement book "Becoming Unruly" includes thought-provoking prompts and... Read More

Book Review

The South of Black Forgiveness

by Bianca Bowers

Told as a series of stories, "The South of Black Forgiveness" exposes racial prejudice among police. Donna Clovis’s novel in vignettes, "The South of Black Forgiveness", moves between crime scenes to confront police militarization and... Read More

Book Review

Risen from Beyond

by Kristine Morris

"Risen from Beyond" is an inspirational memoir that lauds perseverance, hard work, and an optimism. Leopold Ortiz’s memoir "Risen from Beyond" credits hard work and perseverance for his rise from an impoverished childhood to positions... Read More

Book Review

The New York Sour

by Benjamin Welton

New York City breathes through the gritty pages of this contemporary crime novel. In Marvin Koyo’s contemporary crime novel "The New York Sour", a family is forced to confront its demons. This New York sequel focuses on the wide Bracho... Read More

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