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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 162 pages.

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Book Review

Brutus Nation

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Vengeance drives the plot of this fiendish, darkly sharp noir thriller. There’s little true light in the Athenian Union of Kris Kyzer’s Brutus Nation-–only the artificial conflagration of revenge. This cinematically violent... Read More

Book Review

Afghanistan on the Bounce

by Matt Sutherland

The US military presence in nomadic Afghanistan represents the world’s most advanced weaponry and technology, placed in the hands of highly trained volunteer soldiers from every corner of hyperindustrialized America—it’s an... Read More

Book Review

Humanity and the Nature of Man

by Nancy Walker

Want to help your fellow man? These meditations, essays, stories, and letters will inspire altruism. "Humanity and the Nature of Man" is an eclectic collection of writings by a big-hearted man who focuses on the beneficent potential of... Read More

Book Review

Napoleon's Penis

by Mark McLaughlin

The charming and, at times, hilarious preface and opening chapters aside, Dr. Stanley M. Bierman’s Napoleon’s Penis does not quite live up to the promise of its title and subtitle. A collection of thirty-seven essays culled from a... Read More

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