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Solving Major World Problems through the Formation of a One-World Government

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

With its fresh perspectives on international relations, Solving Major World Problems has elements of a revolutionary text.

Billed as a solution to many global issues, Solving Major World Problems through the Formation of a One-World Government by John Adair Carroll Jr. is an original approach to international relations.

The book wastes no time, beginning by immediately outlining initial steps the author believes need to be taken to unite the world under one ruling body. Some of these include using US dollars as global currency, ruling out the necessity of taxes, and using California legislation as the new basis of international law. Carroll then moves to pertinent problems that could be solved with a global government, including global warming, natural disasters, and water shortages. Inclusion is an overarching theme, with a plan that ensures that the underrepresented, in time, receive their fair share of property and natural resources.

Helpful graphics that illustrate key concepts are a credit to the project, as with “Converting cargo container shipping industry into large hydrogen-powered submarine fleets,” wherein Carroll’s illustration of how such a conversion would work clarifies what could otherwise be considered a lofty proposal.

The writing is concise and to the point. Carroll does not waste time with jargon, instead explaining key concepts when necessary and allowing many apparent, commonsense methods to stand on their own, making for easy reading. In some places, though, poor word choice and syntax muddle intent, and key words are sometimes omitted.

Well-organized, the text is separated into thirty-three distinct chapters, each providing a new tenet of Carroll’s one-world government. Some chapters build off previous ideas, furthering their development, while other chapters are short reprieves, focusing on infrastructure, social issues, or environmental concerns. This approach works well and allows key concepts the space to strengthen over the course of the book.

While the book introduces ideas that are truly revolutionary, there is not enough data included to legitimize these arguments, particularly for plans like “Ridding cities from the dangers of earthquakes,” where proposals like a tunnel-boring process seem to rely on shaky science at best.

Though it is sometimes impractical, the book’s overall message is one of inclusiveness, hope, and forward thinking. Great change often comes about via off-the-wall approaches, and it seems as if Carroll has plenty of ideas to spare.

Introducing a revolutionary way of dealing with international relations, Solving Major World Problems through the Formation of a One-World Government offers many fresh perspectives.

Reviewed by Amanda Adams

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