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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 151 pages.

Book Review

Calculus in 5 Hours

by Nancy Powell

Calculus in Five Hours is an excellent beginner’s guide to first semester calculus. Dennis Jarecke’s succinct version of a first semester, college-level calculus course, Calculus in Five Hours, contains useful tips and tricks for... Read More

Book Review

A Conservationist Perspective

by Maria Siano

While growing up in Sydney, Australia, Alan Weatherley developed a curiosity about animals, insects, and marine life. In the fifty years he’s been working as a scientist, his interest in the natural world has never waned. With "A... Read More

Book Review


A magical story about a missing girl with wings who can fly—and the disparate collection of earth-bound people who come to love her. Featuring extraordinary line drawings and original, direct writing: “The city didn’t really know... Read More

Book Review

Building Blocks for Relationships

Reverend Gaspar Garcia pastor of the Church of Divine Grace in Davie Florida has been involved in Christian ministry and church leadership for twenty-two years. Here he offers sound Biblical principles for building lasting fulfilling and... Read More

Book Review

Los versos del Capitn

by Sandy McKinney

For the contemporary reader, this book will perhaps be redolent of the film Il Postino (The Postman), which was set on the Isle of Capri, where the poet lived in exile with his lover, Matilde Urrutia, later his wife. The poems were... Read More

Book Review

The Homza's Son

by Liam Brennan

Wayne Homza is an ordinary boy unknowingly equipped with extraordinary telekinetic powers. Wayne learns to control his abilities, using them for good as well as evil, but there is an unseen force working against him somewhere in his... Read More