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Reviews of Books with 108 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 108 pages.

Book Review

Hotel Highway Very Most Famous

by Aleena Ortiz

A woman seeks meaning and connections after being abandoned by her husband in the musing novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous". Sudha Challa’s spiritual novel "Hotel Highway Very Most Famous" is about a woman’s triumphs and despairs... Read More

Book Review

Broken But Not Beaten So Can You

by Edith Wairimu

"Broken But Not Beaten So Can You" is a poignant novella in which a courageous woman survives impossible circumstances and works to help others. In Amanda Onwuka’s novella "Broken But Not Beaten So Can You", a Nigerian woman overcomes... Read More

Book Review

100 Ways to Kill a Teacher

by Kristine Morris

"100 Ways to Kill a Teacher" is a knowledgeable educators’ guide that exposes problems in Canadian public education and suggests workable solutions. Educator Margaret Aisicovich’s social science text "100 Ways to Kill a Teacher"... Read More

Book Review

Dear Excavator

by Matt Sutherland

In this debut collection, Evan D. Williams tees up more than twenty new poems and a further two dozen that first appeared in journals like Borderlands and The Mud Season Review. THE POETS the poets write their words for their legs to... Read More

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