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Best Loved Psalms Coloring Book

Interacting with these tranquil scenes makes for a restful pastime.

Best Loved Psalms is a peaceful coloring book featuring idyllic nature scenes and soothing psalms.

The first half of the coloring book concentrates on animals and nature scenes, each with a featured psalm. For much of this portion, the animals have their eyes closed, instilling a sense of serenity in each scene—as with sheep in a circle, dancing around “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” or the calm creatures darting out of sweets under “Delight thyself also in the Lord.”

Their relaxed postures are certain to inspire peace of mind in the viewer as well, increasing the degree to which coloring these pages is a relaxing pursuit; interacting with the tranquility of the scene makes for a more restful pastime than coloring more rambunctious images might.

The lines that texture the animals’ fur are rendered in a unique style, resembling something like needlepoint. They create a cozy, homespun tone in each picture, adding another layer of craft.

Each psalm is written in a lovely, curling script, perfect for the swoop of a coloring pencil. Lines are delicate but not too thin, so accidental coloring outside of the lines is easily kept to a minimum.

In the second half, the style changes, placing emphasis on words and patterns. The psalms are more prevalently featured, with designs surrounding them rather than the setting. Excerpts like “My lips shall greatly rejoice when I sing to thee” dominate their pages, with tinier images around them—of musical notes or vines, for example. The text is formed differently—sometimes blocky, sometimes curly.

The designs are almost experimental. Still often nature themed, many resemble a kaleidoscope with their trapezoids and angled frames, intended to take a backseat to the words.

Best Loved Psalms selects lovely and familiar texts with musical cadences; they are certain to have a calming effect.

Those looking for a particularly soothing coloring experience can find it in Best Loved Psalms, a work complete with delicate lines and sweet forest animals.

Reviewed by Hannah Hohman

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