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A Story Worth Telling

Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life

Stories enhance our experience of life. We love to see how others respond to challenges and triumph over difficulties, and we pretend that we are doing the same. But what if we didn’t have to “borrow” someone else’s adventure? What if we could create a life so significant that it would be told and celebrated in places and times beyond our imagining?

Bill Blankschaen, a writer, speaker, and former principal and director of The Center for Cultural Leadership Development, has been teaching FaithWalkers material for over seventeen years. In A Story Worth Telling, he shows us how walking by faith can reveal our most authentic calling.

“Faith,” he writes, “is not religion, and not belief in a fairytale. It is doing what you believe to be true, often in spite of what you see, sense, or feel. … Faith focused on God stands vigilant, poised to answer his call to travel across the world or walk across the room. Depending on the circumstances, either one can be terrifying.”

Blankschaen shakes up the dailiness of our walk through life with stories and questions that are at once pointed and profound. Asking ourselves, “could someone identify your dreams by examining your life?” can wake us up enough to see how we may have been settling for our “shadow calling”—something that looks enough like our true calling to make us feel better about not following our dreams. Blankschaen offers the alternative: making our lives a story worth telling by walking with extraordinary faith.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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