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March 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published March 2015.

Book Review

In Season's Dream

by Mari Carlson

In this original, ambitious, and unexpected poetry collection, the seasons are mined for meaning in verses that impart dreams and share a new perspective on reality. R. Tirrell Leonard Jr.‘s seasonal poetry collection In Season’s... Read More

Book Review

The Perfect Tenant

by Emily Kubal

Elegant imagery and characterization bring the story to life, with the streets of San Francisco carefully described. Rosanna Brand’s "The Perfect Tenant" is an epic, multifaceted thriller that explores the mind of a serial killer, and... Read More

Book Review

What We All Have

by Sara Budzik

"What We All Have" explores and dissects how humans relate to illness and death, touching on themes of connectedness and reaching outside one’s self to find fulfillment. Ray Dacolias’s "What We All Have" is an intimate novel that... Read More

Book Review

Testimony of the Senses

by Meg Nola

"Testimony of the Senses" is passionately written with a vivid roster of characters. Cory Oldweiler’s "Testimony of the Senses" weaves an engrossing tale threaded with music and mythology. For young Emilio Tramonti, life begins without... Read More

Book Review

Of Crime and Passion

by Rebecca Foster

At its heart, the story bears a message about the ongoing conflict between economic and social classes. In "Of Crime and Passion", the latest novella from Jonathan Harnisch, a proud young man seeks to transcend his underprivileged... Read More

Book Review

Treacherous Obsession

by Katerie Prior

Part legal thriller, part ’40s-style noir, "Treacherous Obsession" explores well-drawn, imperfect characters. Many lawyers dream of not only interpreting the law, but also of shaping it for the better. Kenneth Studstill’s new novel... Read More

Book Review

Lotería Huasteca

by Anna Call

This is celebration sincere and genuine, an appreciation by an artist whose love for his art and for his subject shines through every print. Categorizing Alec Dempster’s "Lotería Huasteca" as an art book is tricky. Nominally a book of... Read More

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