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Book Review


by John M. Murray

In the fantasy novel Badgerblood: Awakening, a romance blossoms amid instances of magic and political intrigue. In S. C. Monson’s fantasy novel Badgerblood: Awakening, a young man discovers his family story as he faces punishment from... Read More

Book Review

The Rules of Arrangement

by Delia Stanley

In Anisha Bhatia’s romance novel The Rules of Arrangement, a woman struggles to reconcile her traditions with her ambition. At twenty-six, Zoya is reflective and driven. She already has an accomplished career in advertising; her... Read More

Book Review

Tooth of the Covenant

by Meg Nola

In Norman Lock’s splendid historical novel "Tooth of the Covenant", Nathaniel Hawthorne is troubled by his ancestor’s dark legacy as a harsh, heartless judge. In 1851, Hawthorne enjoys the positive reception of his most recent work,... Read More

Book Review

Bad Faith

by Jeremiah Rood

Randall Balmer’s "Bad Faith" is a fascinating historical overview of the true origins of the Religious Right in America. The book begins in a conference room, where US evangelical leaders gather to mark the rise of Ronald Reagan’s... Read More

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