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MacLeish Sq.

In Dennis Must’s intriguing novel "MacLeish Sq.", illusion challenges reality and invades the unsettled past. John just bought an old farmhouse in his New England hometown. He... Read More

Book Review

Ursula Lake

In poet Charles Harper Webb’s thriller "Ursula Lake", a fishing trip is the impetus for a violent showdown between old friends. On an excursion to British Columbia, Scott, an... Read More

Book Review

Buy Me Love

In Martha Cooley’s novel "Buy Me Love", a woman’s lottery win reveals her complicated relationships with money, family, and art. Ellen and her brother, Win, were raised by a... Read More

Book Review

Unseen City

Amy Shearn’s modern fable "Unseen City" is anchored by smart, sly humor. It delves into the layered social, psychological, and historical architecture of New York City, a... Read More

Book Review


Kristen Millares Young’s novel "Subduction" is rife with personal struggles, confrontations, and the pain of memory. Claudia, a Latinx anthropology professor, escapes a barren... Read More

Book Review


Six giant pigs, four kids, and a gang of adults on a magical island maintain a tenuous balance of power until two castaways show up in Johanna Stoberock’s probing literary... Read More

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