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Empowered Boundaries

by Kristine Morris

Reviewer Kristine Morris Interviews Cristien Storm, Author of Empowered Boundaries: Speaking Truth, Setting Boundaries, and Inspiring Social Change You, as an individual, exist in a small bubble, separate from the seven billion other... Read More

Book Review

The Essential Dorothy Roberts

by Peter Dabbene

This is an excellent entry into the work of a respected poet. "The Essential Dorothy Roberts" is a subtle and graceful poetry collection. Roberts, who died in 1993, came from a family of poets and was encouraged to follow in their... Read More

Book Review


by Ho Lin

A satirical take on war in the vein of Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse Five, Serbian author David Albahari’s "Checkpoint" is shocking and comic in equal turns, skillfully pulled together by the force of Albahari’s wit. At an isolated... Read More


Book of the Day Roundup August 13-August 17

by Hannah Hohman

I Ran into Some Trouble Peggy Caserta Maggie Falcon Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Hardcover $29.95 (286pp) 978-1-942545-82-8 Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon Best known for the influence of her store, Mnasidika, and her association... Read More

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