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Book Review

Impossible Truths

by Matt Sutherland

The sprawling virtual museum of explanation-defying artifacts and phenomena features ancient geoglyphs, stone circles, giant images scraped in remote patches of ground, the transportation of massive works of stone, and other such... Read More

Book Review

Night Shift

by Claire Foster

"Night Shift" takes a “come one, come all” approach to erotica, with diverse body types, couplings, fetishes, and toys: nothing is off limits. "Night Shift" is funny, pervy erotica that explores the late night capers of a naive porn... Read More

Book Review

Woolly and Me

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

A little girl and her devoted woolly mammoth go about their day in this charming tale of friendship, imagination, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. They shop for groceries, visit the fair, practice ballet, and paint pictures... Read More

Book Review

Women Who Dig

by Rebecca Foster

Farming runs in the family for Trina Moyles: her great-grandmother emigrated from Ireland to Saskatchewan in 1925 and took over the running of the family’s farm when her husband and son left to fight in the Second World War. Women’s... Read More

Book Review

Atomic Road

by John M. Murray

This unusual, trippy historical epic is sure to stick in readers’ minds. A headstrong art critic embarks on a dark journey that bends the historical without breaking it in the compelling and unusual "Atomic Road" by Grant Buday. The... Read More

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