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Voice-First Technology

by Bradley Metrock

An Important Piece of an Independent Publishing Strategy By Bradley Metrock, Digital Book World You’ve seen it by now: smart speakers, voice assistants integrated into phones, and the rapid rise of voice as a means of interacting with... Read More


The End of Innocence

by Kristine Morris

1968 was the capstone of a decade of extremes. While often characterized as a time of free love, expanding sexual options, and belief in the possibility of peace and freedom, these books pull us up hard with reminders that 1968 was also... Read More


Book of the Day Roundup July 2-July 6

by Hannah Hohman

Dancing on Thin Ice Travails of a Russian Dissenter Arkady Polishchuk DoppelHouse Press Hardcover $29.95 (352pp) 978-0-9987770-3-0 Buy: Local Bookstore (IndieBound), Amazon Dancing on Thin Ice, Arkady Polishchuk’s memoir of life as a... Read More



by Peter Dabbene

Reviewer Peter Dabbene Interviews Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, Creators of the Graphic Novel Illegal All too often, important books sabotage their chances of earning a large readership by using dense, clinical prose and uninviting... Read More

Book Review

Translating the Soul

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Marjorie Agosín’s essays positively ache at moments: when she’s describing what it’s like to make home in a liminal space; as she calls out across time to memorialize family members who were brutally ripped away. And yet... Read More

Book Review


by Katie Asher

Jacek Dehnel’s "Lala" is a wonderful mosaic of stories about a woman’s unbelievably adventurous youth; they were shared with family members so many times that her children and grandchildren could recite them practically verbatim.... Read More

Book Review

The Con Artist

by Peter Dabbene

"The Con Artist" is a lively romp loaded with geek humor. A longtime comic book writer, author Fred Van Lente has a deep familiarity with the annual San Diego Comic-Con, which has become the central event of the comic book industry.... Read More

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