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Where the Sun Shines Out

by Jon Arlan

This novel is as compelling as it is bitter, tragic, and heartrending. In the first gripping, gut-wrenching scenes of Kevin Catalano’s darkly beautiful "Where the Sun Shines Out", a kidnapping unfolds with clockwork efficiency and... Read More

Book Review

Beyond the Rice Fields

by Meg Nola

"Beyond the Rice Fields" demonstrates with omniscient sadness mankind’s ability to commit horrific acts. Naivo’s "Beyond the Rice Fields" follows the tumultuous history of nineteenth-century Madagascar and, more closely, the fated... Read More

Book Review


by Hannah Hohman

Writing is youthful yet complex, and includes wonderful descriptions of India. "Ahimsa" is the story of a young Indian girl, Anjali, whose mother has just joined 1942’s freedom movement, upending her whole world and changing her... Read More

Book Review

The Safe House

by Kristine Morris

Boltanski’s intimate tale walks a tightwire between darkness and light, melancholy and joy. When French journalist Christophe Boltanski decided, at the age of thirteen, to live with his grandparents, he entered a world apart. His "The... Read More

Book Review

Near Haven

by John M. Murray

"Near Haven" takes on the apocalypse with literary flair and shining prose. In "Near Haven", by Matthew Stephen Sirois, a looming apocalypse puts life into perspective. This is a contemplative and violently engaging character study. In... Read More

Book Review

If I Had the Wings

by Jeff Fleischer

Klonaris uses memory and dialogue as valuable tools to convey her stories, introducing a compelling voice to short fiction. The characters in Helen Klonaris’s If I Had Wings grow up in the Greek-Bahamian neighborhoods of the Bahamas, a... Read More

Book Review

Queen of Spades

by Meg Nola

With quirky yet compelling intelligence, "Queen of Spades" creates its own small, interconnected universe. Michael Shou-Yung Shum’s entrancing "Queen of Spades" enters the fictional realm of the Royal Casino, located on the outskirts... Read More

Book Review

What Counts as Love

by Karen Rigby

These voices possess a fragile resilience even as they surrender themselves to fate, new knowledge, and other bodies. Adolescents and adults on the brink of critical self-awareness define "What Counts as Love", winner of the John Simmons... Read More

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