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Book Review

We Love You, Charlie Freeman

by Michelle Anne Schingler

How do we communicate the ideas and hopes that mean the most to us—and at what risk? That question recurs throughout Kaitlyn Greenidge’s debut novel, We Love You, Charlie Freeman. The novel focuses on the Freeman family, tapped to... Read More

Book Review

Showman Killer

by Peter Dabbene

Alejandro Jodorowsky and Nicolas Fructus bring a vivid and violent world to life in Showman Killer: Heartless Hero. At first glance, "Showman Killer" fits the mold of the stories Heavy Metal magazine is known for: there’s some nudity,... Read More

Book Review

A Fierce and Subtle Poison

by Stephanie Bucklin

With a dark, fairytale quality, "A Fierce and Subtle Poison" works like an ethereal spell, weaving together the story of a young man and a mysterious, cursed girl. “I met Marisol on a Sunday night,” the first chapter begins, “two... Read More

Book Review

The Blitz Next Door

by Stephanie Bucklin

When Pete moves from London to Clydebank with his family, he starts hearing voices through one of the walls. Though his parents dismiss him—too preoccupied with other family problems—Pete is insistent, and soon realizes he has... Read More

Book Review

Vitamin N

by Matt Sutherland

If you’re seeking a pill-less way to reduce ADHD, prevent obesity, boost immune systems, and radically improve other health conditions in your young patients, order them to sit beside a rain-swelled creek, roll in the springy moss and... Read More

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